Re: [NTLK] GPSmap maps (was [ANN] Holland maps)

From: John Goggan (
Date: Tue Mar 19 2002 - 19:45:13 EST

Ok -- so now I'm getting interested in this GPSmap stuff, but can't find
enough information about it. Basically, it looks like it is no longer
available -- and will not be released as freeware ("Considering the customers
who have paid for their copy..."). So, if I wanted to do GPSmap stuff on my
Newton, am I just out of luck?

Can someone tell me what the Lite version doesn't do? I went to the GPSmap
web site and couldn't tell exactly what the Lite version did or did not do
relative to the full version which isn't available... Can I get by on the
Lite version?

Anyone have a list of compatible GPS devices? It sounds like it supports
anything that supports that "NMEA 183 software protocol" and serial data at
4800bps. Is that very common these days as far as GPS devices go? Or do I
really need to hunt to find something compatible? Basically, I'd like to get
GPS on my Newton just for kicks -- as cheaply as possible. Any suggestions
are appreciated. :-)

 - John...

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