Re: [NTLK] FAQ Fodder: Difference between Silver A,B, Gold, Orinocco WaveLan Cards

From: John Skinner (
Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 00:20:23 EST

On 3/19/02 1:11 AM, "Robert Benschop" <> wrote:

> If I read this list right over the past few weeks I would say both, though
> not always for everybody, I would think that this is due to the fact that
> it's an alpha release.
> Haven't heard from anybody where it didn't work that they could get it to
> work by starting with extensions off and only Newton Devices and the Wavelan
> package activated (in that order !)
> Can anybody where it doesn't work yet give this a shot, maybe we can find a
> conflicting package ?

And if you get it working, PLEASE post your results to the "Newton WaveLAN
driver usage poll" topic so that all can read in one place.

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