[NTLK] How do you interface with your newt?

From: Bradford Schmidt (brad_at_bradfordschmidt.com)
Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 10:44:18 EST

OK - Beyond the obvious, what I'm asking is about what main techniques you
use to keep your thoughts, to do's etc manageable while remembering to
access them - I asked a long time ago, how do you use your newt - and the
answers were as simple as "Another Brain" (apparently another brain on it's
own pillow, eh Ed?). But what I'm curious about is what people use as
their main goto app to keep things in the proper place in their wetware
brain. TODO? Hyper Newt?

For example, I like most people have different types of todo's - the act
once type: Call Bill, Pay Rent - whatever, and the ongoing types: review
website copy - keep something updated - make networking phone calls. I
have trouble keeping them in thier right place, and not simply ignoring the
ones I see over and over. I also seem to have data relating to different
topics floating around in different apps - for example, a client called me
today to give me the name and address of someone he met with that will be
calling me - where the hell do I put that? I've got it in a note, but I
know I'll forget to look at it -

I know this is sort of dopey - and I'm actually not asking for answers to
the issues up there - they are mostly personal failings - but I do want to
know what people do/use as a standard operating proceedure to make sure
what they need is always there.


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