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From: Michael S Szpisjak (
Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 16:55:56 EST

"Look at Microsoft and the headaches that occur in its vaunted Plug-n-Play
strategy when a hardware vendor tweaks something.  Hell, they even have
problems when nobody tweaks anything!!! With Apple, everything is under one
roof so that when the hardware side tweaks something that might have an
adverse impact on the software (OS) side, there is less of a communications
issue (I'm not saying that there is NO communications issue, just that
there's less of one in that engineers don't have to go through the legal
department before they talk to each other)."

GREAT POINT!! In the Technology Sector can Apple afford to be a Rolls Royce
type company that only makes 2000 cars a year, when they have annouced or at
least hinted at going after the other 95% of the Tech sector? Are we a
Platform, a philosphy of living, a religion, a computer manufacturer, or
digital device handler, etc? The clone experiment failed because of market
direction, lack of luck, bad leadership, and I blame Microsoft's decision
back then to intially stop making Word or office for the Mac. Talk about a
Predatory act!
The ultimate point is Apple must evolve into a platform company if it really
wants the other 95% of the market. In order to allow time for the change
over Apple must continue doing what it has been innovating Hardware, a
modern Os, and acqusation of other companies with powerful ideas and
products; powerschool, and all the little media companied Apple has gobbled.
  Where has all this led to, well the Darwin video streaming server was
rated top Notch by Network Computing Magazine (not a to mac friendly.)
PowerSchool is the Student information system, and I have seen quite a few
knock-offs or home-brews.

I see the next big Apple acquisition being Novell. Novell was forced by
Microsoft to become a smaller more focused company. Novell has met that
challenge and is on a rebound. With the stock so cheap Apple could buy
Novell and give the Mac Os a proven/stable/secure enterprise solution that
is also highly prevalent in education. If Apple wanted to kiss up to IBM
they could hack off Groupwise and add Lotus Notes.


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