Re: [NTLK] Free POP mail providers

From: Brian (
Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 22:58:57 EST

>The capitalists who run Yahoo! have finally decided to start charging
>for POP access to mail (as well as FTP access to my site), so I am
>forced to look elsewhere. I am also getting a 2100, so going online
>with the Newt is going to be a reality. Are there any free POP
>e-mail providers who don't work well with the Newt? Any that are
>particularly friendly?

For free POP or webmail, everyone here should know by now that I like :)

You'll need your own SMTP though, for sending, via Simplemail. Eudoramail
only has POP available for non-web clients. You can use Newtscape to send
or read your eudoramail inbox, via the web though.

The free server should work with Simplemail and it's IMAP settings,
as well- and for PDAs, IMAP makes a little more sense sometimes (but I
don't use it :) I guess if yahoo is going to be fee-based soon (I got that
email too) I'll set up as the backup for my backup email (which
yahoo was previously).


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