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From: Benjamin Higginbotham (
Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 22:54:15 EST

>> To put it simply, the Newton was too far ahead of it's time. =
>> about this... 4 years after the Newton was *discontinued* PocketPC=20=

>> and=3D20=3D
>> Palm still can't read your handwriting.
> You're mistaken. A later version of the same cursive HWR software =
> came with the original Newton and is still there in the 2000 comes =
> the PocketPC. I have it installed on my HP Jornada 548 (it doesn't =
> preinstalled, but it's an easy install off the CD, and there IS also=20=

> some
> very basic real HWR preinstalled as well that isn't related to the
> Paragraph HWR that the Newton and now Pocket PC's have.)

I did not know that. It's the same HWR that came with the Newton? =20
That's kinda cool.

>> Try putting your Palm on an=3D20 802.11 network,
> Much easier to do than with the Newton, actually. I've been able to =
> that with my HandEra 330 PalmOS unit for months now, fully supported =
> the vendor. Uses several CF 802.11 cards.

Dunno. I have a friend who tried this on my Palm device and had=20
nothing but problems, still can't get it to work right. Although I had=20=

a newbie issue with my Newton, I got it up and running in no time. =20
Maybe it's just us. So let me revise the statement. Try that on a 4 or=20=

5 year old Palm device :)

> And it's been working for PocketPC units even longer.

I have never seen a PocketPC device actually work when doing anything. =20=

Sure they turn on, but that's about as useful as it gets, in my humble=20=

opinion ;)

>> or adding a 10GB Hard Drive to your PocketPC device. I=3D20=3D
> Well, you could do that with some PocketPC devices such as the iPaq =
> which there is a PCMCIA sleeve. Not to mention the larger form-factor
> HPC WindowsCE units which may have PCMCIA cards. I can also add a =
> CF hard disk to either my HandEra 330 PalmOS unit or my HP Jornada 548
> PocketPC unit.

Yes, but can you actually add the Toshiba drive and make it work? There=20=

are drivers for the Newton, are there for PPC or Palm? I have seen=20

>> can do all of this with my Newton. People did not understand the=3D20
>> technology or what it could be used for in 1996. Now in 2002,=20
>> people=3D20
>> understand it, but no one is making a PDA that actually fits the=20
>> needs=3D20=3D
>> af regular people. It's a shame.
> While your hardware facts are mistaken, your general theory is pretty
> good.

I try. Sometimes I'm right on, sometimes I'm somewhat close, and=20
others... I'm waaaaaay off base. Guess that shows here ;)

Benjamin Higginbotham

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