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From: Bill Davis (
Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 22:19:46 EST

>To put it simply, the Newton was too far ahead of it's time. Think=20
>about this... 4 years after the Newton was *discontinued* PocketPC and=20=
>Palm still can't read your handwriting.

You're mistaken. A later version of the same cursive HWR software that
came with the original Newton and is still there in the 2000 comes with
the PocketPC. I have it installed on my HP Jornada 548 (it doesn't come
preinstalled, but it's an easy install off the CD, and there IS also some
very basic real HWR preinstalled as well that isn't related to the
Paragraph HWR that the Newton and now Pocket PC's have.)

>Try putting your Palm on an=20 802.11 network,

Much easier to do than with the Newton, actually. I've been able to do
that with my HandEra 330 PalmOS unit for months now, fully supported by
the vendor. Uses several CF 802.11 cards.

And it's been working for PocketPC units even longer.

>or adding a 10GB Hard Drive to your PocketPC device. I=20=

Well, you could do that with some PocketPC devices such as the iPaq for
which there is a PCMCIA sleeve. Not to mention the larger form-factor
HPC WindowsCE units which may have PCMCIA cards. I can also add a 1GB
CF hard disk to either my HandEra 330 PalmOS unit or my HP Jornada 548
PocketPC unit.

>can do all of this with my Newton. People did not understand the=20
>technology or what it could be used for in 1996. Now in 2002, people=20
>understand it, but no one is making a PDA that actually fits the needs=20=
>af regular people. It's a shame.

While your hardware facts are mistaken, your general theory is pretty

 - Bill

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