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Date: Fri Mar 22 2002 - 08:55:49 EST

In a message dated Thu, 21 Mar 2002 11:00:05 PM Eastern Standard Time, Benjamin Higginbotham <> writes:

>> > You're mistaken. A later version of the same cursive HWR software =
> that
> > came with the original Newton and is still there in the 2000 comes =
> with
> > the PocketPC.

> I did not know that. It's the same HWR that came with the Newton? =20
> That's kinda cool.
It is the same but not implemented as well as on the Newton. Different gestures to do some things and the omission of many of the Newton gestures like scrubbing out words. So, in general not as usable as on the Newton, IMO.

> I have never seen a PocketPC device actually work when doing anything. =20=
> Sure they turn on, but that's about as useful as it gets, in my humble=20=

OK, on my soapbox here. I do not love all things Windows but the current crop of PocketPC devices do quite a few things that are useful, they do not crash every five minutes and they are not awful to use. I chose to go the PocketPC route instead of with Palm once Apple axed the Newt because even the first WinCE devices had standard CF ports. I was also tried of watch Palm sit on there butts and make only minor enhancements to there devices.
With my PocketPC, I can play MP3's in stereo, watch mpeg videos without converting them, write word documents and transfer them back and forth to my desktop computer (same with Excel spreadsheets), record voice, plug-in a 802.11b PC card (or CF card) and wirelessly browse the internet, run AIM, connect to network shares, use VNC, use Terminal Services client, etc., Sync my schedule with Outlook and GroupWise, send/receive email, use a 1GB IBM microdrive, etc, etc.

Is it as good as my Newton? No. Apple did a much better job of integrating everything on the Newt.
Is a WinCE/PocketPC device a useless piece of crap? I don't think so. IMO, it is the only New handheld that can do a fraction of what the Newton could do. It's beats the Newton on some things (as it should with the newer technology) but the Newton still beats it on a few fronts.

Off soapbox.

> opinion ;)
> I try. Sometimes I'm right on, sometimes I'm somewhat close, and=20
> others... I'm waaaaaay off base. Guess that shows here ;)
> Benjamin Higginbotham

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