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From: doppler (
Date: Fri Mar 22 2002 - 08:33:46 EST

i use the newt as a phone with the nokia cardphone. it takes up a slot and
requires a headset, but i have no problems taking notes or opening
applications during a call. its quite handy, actually. what is not so handy
is that the newt switches itself off in the pocket. there is yet no way to
set the phone card to receive mode while the newt is sleeping AFAIK, but a
normal accu-pak lasts about a day.

i have a twin SIM card for the newton, but since you cant receive calls with
a twin SIM, i actually need to use the primary SIM card if i want to use the
newt as a real substutute for the cell phone i use normally. what irritates
me a bit, is that its relatively difficult (well, if you compare to a cell
phone) to pick someone from your address book. i normally use the newton
"assist" application, or pick from the list of recent calls.

i regret that stefan auweiler decided not to integrate newtSMS to calls
application, since i got the cardphone, i started to realise how useful this
built-in application really is.

i have made an FAQ for the nokia card phone, i think it is soon time to
publish it. i will get back to NTLK with the announcement in a couple of
weeks, i just need to make a couple of adjustments.


                      roman pixell


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"" <> wrote the
following on 2002-03-21 17.54:

>> Is it possible to use a newton 2000 or a 2100 as a phone? It has all the
>> elements of a phone. A mic, a speaker, and a way to dial out. It this
>> possible????

> I think one could modify the hardware to include this functionality.
> However, I don't think this is useful because I use my Newton to take notes
> during phone calls or look up names and dates. To do all this you need to
> see and touch the display.

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