Re: [NTLK] The "Right" Newton

From: James Elliott (
Date: Fri Mar 22 2002 - 17:36:22 EST

What about the speed of the HWR? On my 120(2.0), there is a delay
before recognition, while I saw a video of a 2100 converting as soon
as the word was finished. If you are doing a lot of writing, I would
think that this would be an issue. What do those of you with 2100s
get for battery life?


>With the uses you describe, a 130 would do well. Slightly smaller than
>the 2x00 has backlight for middle of the night brainstorming. About the
>only hardware accessories you would need would be a set of cables for
>connection to Mac/PC, a small, 4MB flashcard, and maybe some kind of
>multi-pen for switching media. I would suggest the best software
>enhancement would be MoreInfo which allows linking between Names, Dates,
>ToDos and Notes. Helps to keep track of what you promised/sent to who.

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