[NTLK] Airport and Wavelan: Working! And here's a Primer...

From: Geoffrey Arend (shatten22_at_mac.com)
Date: Sun Mar 24 2002 - 00:41:40 EST

Hello all,

I thought I would post this because I finally got it (Airport, and the
Wavelan Card) to work and nobody here who had it working cared to post
how they did it.

I have a u2000 with the specified Wavelan Silver card from OWC running
on a revision "B" Apple Base Station with all of the newest drivers and
firmware. On my Newton of the complete NIE pack and Alpha3 driver.

To get your Newton to dock with your Mac, you must go into Internet
Setup and create a generic setup. Set it to LocalTalk and a manual
configuration. Then you are done. You don't need to put in the IP
Address or Router Address or any of the DNS stuff. The second line
should read, Zone: Current AppleTalk Zone. When you run the dock
program (the program must be running on your Mac at the same time)
Connect via Appletalk and Connect to: <name of your computer here>, or
you can do a search using the "other computer" command.

To connect to the Internet and send/receive Email, you must create a new
configuration in Internet Setup. Do a generic setup again, tell it to
connect using "Ethernet" and when it asks you for a configuration,
select "DHCP Server". Download a mail program like SimpleMail and set
it up (according to your email info) in Owner's Info. Remember to
change the settings, go back to Owner's info and choose "show all" from
the farthest menu, and then highlight the info you want to change when
it comes up on your card. I never knew to do this and kept creating new
setups. For web browsing, you need to download a program like
Newtscape or Nethopper. I tried Newtscape, but never got it to work.
Nethopper, however, works beautifully.

I spent hours going through different settings, hunting down DNS
addresses, adding IP addresses and then repeating, then deleting and
reinstalling software over and over again, to find what the problem
was. If someone had told me that it was this simple, (hardly anything
needed to be specified for it to work) I would have done what I finally
did: create the setup I just wrote about and then delete everything
internet-related and install again. Only the newest version of
SimpleMail worked for me, and none of the Newtscape versions did.

I hope this helps anyone looking to use a Newt on their Airport
network. It sure is fun being able to check and write email on a Newt
and read the Onion online.

Now all I need are some new batteries.....


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