[NTLK] SSH and PT100

From: Sean Luke (sean_at_cs.gmu.edu)
Date: Sun Mar 24 2002 - 00:12:08 EST

Bryce Lynch quoth:

> I keep wondering if it would be possible to write an implementation of
> the
> SSH protocol for NewtonOS. Has anyone ever tried?

SSH is a big an cumbersome thing, though SSH-1 would likely be doable
with Blowfish and some public-key cipher (RSA would be a bit ugly but
doable I guess). However the truth of the matter is that to me SSH is
not very useful to me without a good VT100 terminal application to take
advantage of it. I contacted ScrawlSoft about the possibility of
opening the source to PT100 so I could consider adding SSH support along
with a host of bug fixes, and they said no, but if I wrote SSH support
as a separate module they'd "consider adding it". I don't do projects
without a reasonable expectation of positive outcome.

Sean, looking to add asynchronous sockets to Waba

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