Re: [NTLK] SSH and PT100

From: Jeff Henry (
Date: Sun Mar 24 2002 - 04:41:06 EST

> SSH is a big an cumbersome thing, though SSH-1 would likely be doable

Must not be a real big cumbersome thing if a wimpy 2 meg palm pilot can do
SSH2. The palm program TopGunSSH will even select from SSH1 or SSH2 and even
appears to be free. Guess this is one thing the palm beats the newt on. To
bad the palm cant use keyboard and ip connection at the same time that is
what I was hoping to overcome with my newt. I guess at least I can use my
wireless newt connection to do a little www and check email. SSH would make
this new wireless newt stuff the bomb... For anyone interested the TopGunSSH
site is here:

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