[NTLK] Check this out!

From: Gao (gaofar_at_mac.com)
Date: Sun Mar 24 2002 - 05:22:21 EST

Hi all!

I found this dealer on eBay & he goes by the name of Burkhart Distributor. I
think he must be selling some of the most cool stuff I've seen. He had alot
of auctions of Iomega microdrives and other related products.

He claim to be an authorised seller for Iomega! So if buy from him, the
warranty will be recognise by Iomega! Best of all, he sells international!

For a 340MB microdrive plus PC-card adapter for $135 & free shipping within
USA, where can you find such a good deal?? I'm gonna get one and wait
fitfully for the completion of ATA Support software!


Gao p(^.^)q

"There once a lady named Bright,
 Who traveled much faster than light.
 She departed one day, in a relative way,
 And returned on the previous night."
                              - Anonymous

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