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Date: Mon Mar 25 2002 - 09:16:51 EST

at the temporal coordinates: 3/25/02 9:08 AM, the entity known as Michael
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> First, you don't have to write in nooks and crannies, you can simply
> write on top of words, too. I've got my Newton set to insert words at
> carat, and often simply write on top of other paragraphs that already
> exist. Only when it's an individual letter (a or I) does it REPLACE the
> letter it's written over; when it's a full word, it simply puts it in at
> the location of the carat.

I've never noticed that behavior, because writing on top of words that are
already there seems even *more* counterintuitive than writing in random
empty spots.

> Second, the command key equivalents for outline mode can be found by
> holding the command key for a second or two while the keyboard is
> plugged in. The key equivalents are cmd-] and cmd-[ together with cmd-=,
> I think (I'm doing this from memory). The first is "new entry, indent
> one (e.g. sub-entry)," the second is "new entry, go back one (e.g. go up
> in outline levels)," and the last is "new entry, at same level."

Thanks! I'd tried the obvious things like cmd-tab and cmd-enter. Where in
the world is that documented? I've (obviously) never found it and I *did*
look pretty hard. Makes me wonder what other cmd-key combos I'm missing out

- Eric.


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