Re: [NTLK] Keyboard

From: Jeremy Bond Shepherd (
Date: Mon Mar 25 2002 - 13:12:15 EST

Well, Jon, that sounds great. I wish my MP2100 did that.

If I do the same thing you described, and start typing, I get nothing. I
have to pick up the pen and tap to get the caret into the note.

I wonder if this is some kind of difference between 130s and 2x00s (maybe
because the 130 has a native serial port instead of Interconnect + dongle?).


>Ok, I got confused with this discussion. It didn't line up with my memories,
>so I pulled out my (very, very) seldom-used keyboard, plugged it in, turned
>on the newton (130) and opened the Notepad. Since it had just launched,
>there was no cursor. I checked, and then started typing. The cursor showed
>up at the beginning of the line after the previous text in the note (which
>was located in about 1/2" from the edge of the screen. The cursor showed up
>toward the edge of the screen of the next line. It went, basically, right
>where I would have expected it to. I then created a new note--again, no
>cursor--and started typing, and the cursor showed up at the top, left of the
>note, and entered the text I typed there.
>What am I missing in this discussion? This is consistent with my
>experiences. (I just tried it in the built-in to-dos, and it worked there
>also, although with a bit of a delay.)

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