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Date: Tue Mar 26 2002 - 03:21:59 EST

Mixing battery types is not good for charging and you would have no
advantage of having one long lasting high performance cell because they are
switched in series - thus the weekest cell determines the life of the pack.
Second it would be not that easy to insert the additional contacts needed
for the audio out between the (removable) battery pack and the Newt.

The best and easiest place for an audio out would be the location where the
SER-001 connector sits. There you have a piece of plastic what canbe removed
easily, drilled, equipped with the connector and placed back into the Newt.
You only need to solder the connection, but this has been already discussed:
the easiest way would be to cut the internal speaker connection and insert
the audio out. You can also add the feature of switching off the internal
speaker if the external audio is plugged if the connector is equipped with a


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> I thought of this the other night. My question is, do you really
> *want* to mar the surface of the newton with a ear-plug. Plus, a plug
> on the side would be more useful, so you could stick the Newt in a (big)
> pocket, holster, bag, etc.
> What about the idea of hacking up a battery? Take out one or two of
> the cells, replace the ones left with high-capacity cells (or something
> more exotic like LiIon on LiPolymer material), then stick audio in/out
> out jacks on the outside. You could probably even make a circuit that
> would let you charge the battery through the sound-out port (not while
> the Newt was playing of course...) Don't know how useful that would be,
> but it might allow you to charge it faster than the Newton's built-in
> charging circuity can (pulse-charging?) Of course, the big problem here
> is either figuring out how to modify the batteries (hard) or molding a
> new battery case (either a lot harder or slighly easier if you have
> access to a 10k milling machine..)
> > Also, how do you drill a hole in the Newton's case cleanly?
> Jim
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