[NTLK] Wireless Heaven found after Head Fog Clears

From: Stephanie Maks (newton_at_maksystems.com)
Date: Wed Mar 27 2002 - 11:36:31 EST

Hi All,

I'm so happy I had to share with the list. After a few attempts to go
wireless with my Lucent / Orinoco WaveLan Silver card, I was ready to just
give up completely. No matter what combination of the alpha drivers I
tried, it just wouldn't work.

Then the fog in my head cleared and I went to Prefs - Appletalk and set
Card to the Lucent Card (it was set for the 3Com card I usualy use...duh!)
and pow, it worked!

I only use ethernet to do backups and install stuff, I don't surf or do
email from my Newton, so the only NIE driver I have at the moment in my
extensions folder is 'Newton Devices', plus the LucentWaveLANa3 driver.
With these two, I can connect to NCU and have done a full backup of my
MP2100 and Card (1541K & 1730K respecively).

It was blazing fast! I ran it with my newton still accellerated to around

I'm happyhappyhappy! No more tethering my Newt to a cable to do backups or
installs! Wee!

Now if only it could be set for 'any' SSID and 'any' channel...



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