Re: [NTLK] NCU Port?

From: Stephanie Maks (
Date: Wed Mar 27 2002 - 13:45:21 EST

Sorry if this was already answered.

'Appletalk over TCP/IP' uses TCP port 548. For instance, at work incoming
port 548 is routed to my iMac so when I'm at home I can still mount my iMac
hard drive on my iBook if I want to transfer files.

However, the Newton does not use appletalk over tcp. It uses it 'native',
or I think it's also called 'ethertalk'.

So unless your router is specifically designed to route appletalk then I
don't think it will work through the router. For instance, I cannot connect
to NCU from outside my router's firewall (it has to be all done inside).

Another consideration *Might* be whether or not your hub or switch will
handle appletalk. I can't think of any reason why it shouldn't, but who
knows. In lieu of a crossover cable, if you are connecting the newton to a
plain old hub, and your Mac to the very same plain old hub, that should then
work, at least for appletalk.

For just connecting to NCU you don't need any of the TCP related stuff. To
connect by my 3Com 589D I had only three files: Newton Devices, Farallon
Ethernet driver, and the 3Com driver. You don't need to worry about IP
addresses because that is TCP-stuff, not appletalk.

Hope I've been able to offer some help. For what it's worth, my
configuration at home was this:
Newton -> 3Com 589D -> Assante Friendlynet 3040 router with built-in 4-port
hub -> Airport Base Station (running as bridge) -> iBook (OS 9.1)

And at work was this:
Newton -> 3Com 589D -> Allied Telesyn 10/100BaseT switch -> Airport Base
Station (running as bridge) -> iMac (OS 9.1)

Now both are simpler:
Newton -> Lucent WaveLAN -> Airport Base Station -> Macintosh (OS 9.1)

Good luck!


> Good suggestion. I thought of that, except that the 3Com 3C589D has an
> "all-in-one" Ethernet cable that connects it directly to the hub. It doesn't
> have an Xjack or other such connector which would allow me to use a
> crossover cable.

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