Re: [NTLK] OT: Help with Mac.

From: Chet Johns (
Date: Wed Mar 27 2002 - 15:08:58 EST

Off topic but nostalgic, my Apple II e was upgraded with the rocket chip, a
4 MHz processor which was on the market only a short time until a patent
suit required it to be pulled off the market. I also had an internal 10 Meg
hard drive card, mouse, hand held scanner, 1 meg of auxillary memory and RGB
monitor and 3.5 inch drive by the time I shelved it. Had an old daisy wheel
printer attached with each new font requiring a wheel change. My dot matrix
was a fasttext 80 by smith corona and never did do graphics correctly. The
previous 5 meg HD I had installed cost more than my kid's imac and lasted
about a week beyond the warranty period. 256 kb chips came in banks of 8 and
cost a fortune. I was running GEOS quite a bit by then. I had several other
interface cards I would insert just for the fun of exploring. I ended up
adding an external keyboard so I didn't have to keep all the cables on my
desk (of course the mouse card was too short). It reminds me of my old cars
that I used to tune up and change the oil regularly by myself. The newer
computers are like the new cars, other than changing out a hard drive or
adding memory I'm not as comfortable playing inside. Yeah, the good old days
when we used to walk a mile barefoot in the snow to school (except that it
rarely snowed in NC).

on 3/27/02 12:53 PM, William R. Dickson at wrote:
> I used a IIgs for eight years before finally giving in and getting a Mac.
> By the time I reached that point, my IIgs had been accelerated from 2.6MHz
> to 8MHz, had 4.25 megs of RAM (there was an adaptor card that allowed you
> to use standard Mac SIMMS), used Mac TrueType fonts for printing, had a
> 20-meg hard disk (the failure of which provoked my move to the Mac), and
> was using an HP DeskWriter for printing. I had to tear most of it out of
> its case (it was an upgraded //e, so many GS cards wouldn't physically fit
> inside) and build a large plywood box for it.
> -Bill

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