Re: [NTLK] OT: my sig

From: Jon Glass (
Date: Wed Mar 27 2002 - 16:20:51 EST

on 3/27/02 7:55 AM, Robert Benschop at wrote:

> Since the sig applies to me as well, to me there's simply no other way, if
> you're not moral than what's left ?
> But that might come from my religious upbringing ;-)

I must apologize again!!!! I thought I had removed the Newtontalk address
from my email to Jeremy, and here I read it on NTLK this morning!! Sorry
once again!!

I'm not having a good week. We have unexpected company from out of the
country, and I'm busy trying to get things done, but not succeeding.. And
just have too much going on this week to think straight. And then I go and
get myself into this interesting discussion and blow it off! ;-) Oh well...

Jon Glass
Krakow, Poland

Sometimes the majority only means that all the fools are on the same side.

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