Re: [NTLK] Got a question? Check the FAQ (or somewhere else) - Anywhere other than here.

From: Mark Ross (
Date: Wed Mar 27 2002 - 21:34:40 EST

>Ummm, He's not the only one...
>I've kinda quit posting cuz I thought a couple of responses to my
>questions were kinda telling me "look elsewhere dummy" ...I even
>composed an email to explain myself and apologize for my
>stupidity...then I thought twice and didn't send.
>Now I just kinda lurk..fraid someone will yell at me...

Its been said many times that the only stupid question is the one you
didn't ask......

Never be afraid to ask anything (within the Newton or computer world, of
course) on this list. In the several years I've been on it, the worst
response I've seen is, "You should consult the FAQ". Frequently, list
members jump all over each other to answer questions. Most folks here
are extremely patient with Newbies, so jump right in, the water's fine!

Mark Ross

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