[NTLK] Newton Stuff For Sale

From: John Shepherd (jshep_at_pacbell.net)
Date: Wed Mar 27 2002 - 21:35:15 EST

Upgrading all my equipment, have to leave all the best to someone who will
treasure them as I have.

I'm hoping for $400 but thats not firm, lets talk

Accessories (One Each Unless Noted Otherwise)
Messagepad Charging Station in Original Box Complete
PDA Panache - Gold PDA Stylus for MP 110/120/130
Newton Power Adapter - in original box (early Newton)
Newton Fax Modem - in original box (early Newton)
Newton Telescoping Pen - For 130 in original package (New)
Package of screen savers for MP 2100
Newton Keyboard and Case (with and original box, box from earlier model)
EtherLink III Card - For 10 Base T and coax
56k Global Village PCMCIA Modem - w/dongle
PCMCIA 33k Fax Modem - No dongle
Newton Programmers Book

X Port - 1 disk with Book
Gulliver - 1 disk with Book
Sync+ - 1 disk
Newton Press - 2 disks with Book
Newton Backup Utilities - 2 disks Mac / 2 disks Windows
Newton Stuff on Disk - Lots of programs including Action Names
Newton Connection Utilities - 4 disks Mac / 6 disks Windows
Pocket Quicken Connect - 1 disk
Action Names - 1 disk Mac / 1 disk Windows with Book
Mail On the Run - 1 disk Mac / 1 disk Windows with Book
Newton Connection Utilities - CD from Apple
Newton Connection Utilities - CD Burned by others
Money Magazine Business Forms - 1 disk in original box

Cases (All Black)
1 Holster Type for 2100 Leather No Logo
1 Calise Leather Case - w/card slots inside and pocket on exterior
1 Newton Logo Leather - Velcro Stand inside
1 Newton Logo Leather - w/card slots inside and pocket on exterior

1 Messagepad 100 in original Box w/paperwork-(New Condition)
1 Messagepad 130 in original box w/paperwork and all cables Note: this uni=
is working great but screen has scratches from never having a screen saver
used on it and the case is scratched from flying off the back of my car day
after I bought it new. Backlighting flickers since the flight but other
than that it works great.
1 Messagepad 2100 =B3Not an Upgrade=B2 (New Condition) always used screen
savers, outside of unit has always been in a case. Has a dell 33.6k fax
modem and 10 meg memory card in PCMCIA slots. Dell modem has X-Jack so
it needs no dongle. Includes Dongle and 9w Power Adapter. =20

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