Re: [NTLK] Community vibes, and Newtons for kids

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Date: Thu Mar 28 2002 - 13:28:07 EST

Yeah. I always thought it was cool when the kids at the highschool were
using the eMates. They could use the eProbe in the lab, write homework/term
papers on it, schedule appointments and send/recieve email. The only problem
I recall is that students would "beam" homework to each other sometimes.
Heh, wouldn't that have been nice to have? :). I saved a few eMates and gave
one to my girlfriend, who used it through college to type her term papers,
was a lot easier than carrying my powerbook around, plus auto-save, no
crashing, and instant start-up. I try to recycle my newt products if I can.
You never know who might be able to use them. I got my dad a MP 100, he is
enjoying that as well, cool enough to connect to his quadra and sync up with
it, address book and the ability to fax stuff, is invaluable to him, while I
might not be able to get much functionality from an MP100, it rocks for him.
Yeah, the world could have been a different place ... oh boy..i can just
imagine :)

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> Some of you may have noticed Frank Gruendel's generous gesture
> offering to fix or replace a Newtontalker's broken machine to keep him
> on the list. Frank also recently sold me two MP130 ROMs to upgrade my
> children's 120/1.3s, and helped me with details of the swap
> procedure. I suspect the price was influenced by the fact that he,
> too, is a father. Yet another reason to be impressed with the
> Newtontalk community.
> Bob Dawson recently asked about fun Newton software for kids. Mine,
> who are much more into reading than watching TV, like
> Ahorcados(Hangman), Othello, and PicoFermiBagels; they didn't care for
> Newtris. I am about to give them nBattleship, though I'm torn on
> whether to let them know about the beaming feature. I might also try
> giving the older one YAZI, though it would help if I could find a
> source for the z3 version of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (the z5
> version is available for free download, and I can always use that if
> she's fired up enough about it for me to register the app). --PR
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