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Date: Thu Mar 28 2002 - 13:27:57 EST

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> Of course YOU don't think it needs re-writing -- you already know most of
> what you need to know and, what you don't know, you know HOW to find. But
> the Newton isn't like anything else a newbie (like me) has an awareness
> of, so, as I said previously, frequently I don't even know how to frame a
> question, much less what search terms (also unknown) to use. People ARE
> put off by being told to go figure it out themselves. For some (if not
> many) of us, our Newton didn't come with so much as a manual (or, in my
> case, the cables needed to connect it to anything else I own). (Yes, I
> KNOW that this is downloadable somewhere, probably even on Apple's support
> site which has of recent times become much more difficult to navigate).

I've only had my Newt for a year, so in many topics I'm still a relative
newbie. But one of the best things about this list (relative to many
others) is that it is very easy to climb far up the learning curve quickly
here. And the resources listed in the monthly reminder make that process
even easier than it was a year ago. As a result, I'm able to contribute
some of the time, while still asking questions about other topics. I
remember how cool it was the first time I "discovered" something on my own
from the FAQ or elsewhere. Anything we can do to help others achieve that
is a GOOD thing, and something that many lists don't do nearly as good a job

I think the only thing that REALLY was wrong was that someone got overly
sensitive about the subject line of the monthly FAQ reminder. If the "(or
somewhere else)" were changed to "(or these other sources)", then this whole
thread might never have gotten going.

- Eric.


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