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From: Jesse Garnier (
Date: Thu Mar 28 2002 - 16:05:34 EST

(I'm resending this to the list, and to Muhammed Lonon directly... Not sure
why it was missed. I'm not an A-list group member though so maybe my
response wasn't enough... ;)

MuHammed Lonon wrote not long ago (3/27/02 6:03 PM):

> What I would like to know is from board member experiences what would be the
> best card for a University environment?? I have been reading threads about
> connecting WavLan to Airport but what if I don't have control over the
> station(as is the case). Also, what about walking from one building to the
> next and effectively changing "zones"?? What would be the best wireless for
> cross-platforming??? TIA

Right now the WaveLAN driver requires a specific name and channel for your
wireless access point (such as an AirPort Base Station). It also doesn't do
any encryption, which most sysadmins require on their wireless network. So,
unless you can set up your own base station, which will of course have
limited range on campus), or can convince your school or administrators to
tailor the network specifically to the needs of your Newton, you may be out
of luck.

The good news is that Hiroshi appears to be actively developing his WaveLAN
driver, and who knows, we may soon gain the ability to change Network names,
or maybe even add WEP encryption.

As for "zones"... It depends. Wireless networks can be set up to appear as
one large seamless network. Ideal, yes, but unlikely in a university
environment where different departments and buildings manage their own
technology, which probably means wireless networks with different names, on
different channels, with different passwords and varying levels of
encryption and access control.

And if you mean which type of base station works best with Macs, PCs, and
Newtons... I have personal experience with AirPorts working great under
those conditions, and I've read here of an inexpensive D-Link base station
that sounds cool and apparently works well.


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