Re: [NTLK] Can't connect Newton 2000 to PowerBook 5300

From: Peter Cameron (
Date: Thu Mar 28 2002 - 16:31:25 EST

Richard Barraclough <> wrote:

> Unfortunately I cannot connect to the Newton using NCU.
> The Newton complains that "The connection was stopped
> because there was no response".
   Make sure no other software (AppleTalk for instance) is using the serial port.
   Make sure NCU is set for serial via printer/modem port. Setting this will help determine if other software is using the port.
   Make sure you have an "ImageWriter II" or Newton serial cable (I'm at work and can't remember the part #s). There are others that look the same (modem and null modem cables come to mind).
   All that done ... start NCU on the PB, choose connect via serial on the Newt and all should be fine.

   Possible problems.
   Make sure your PB serial port is working ... test with a printer or other peripheral.
   Do the same, if you can, with the Newton. It's the new device and could have a bad serial port.

   I have connected my MP2100 and eMate to 5300 series PBs with no problem.


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