[NTLK] Can't connect Newton 2000 to PowerBook 5300

From: Richard Barraclough (richard_at_sigma.ndo.co.uk)
Date: Thu Mar 28 2002 - 14:46:09 EST


I just managed to get my hands on a second hand Newton 2000.

Unfortunately I'm having problems getting a connection with my PowerBook
5300cs. (I'm using the old PowerBook cos it has a serial port and my G7/733
doesn't and I'm not buying an adapter cos I'm tight!)

Unfortunately I cannot connect to the Newton using NCU. The Newton complains
that "The connection was stopped because there was no response".

Here are my thoughts:

* Wrong cable: Its a mini-din 8-pin male to the same---the sort you would
use with Mac serial printers. Do there exist straight and cross-over cables?
Have I got the wrong one?

* Cable is broken. (Its not exactly new!). Unlikely though.

* Something is trying to use the Printer/Modem port. I had NCU complain
about this, and I've tried various AppleTalk settings, but to no avail.

* Its a PowerBook 5300, do I really expect anything to work?

Any ideas you might have are much appreciated.


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