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Date: Thu Mar 28 2002 - 20:05:26 EST


If you'd rather purchase a cable than make one, I can help you get it
shipped to N. Zealand. Please contact me off list. NuShield provides a
"drop ship" service at cost to all list members who need international
shipping from recalcitrant vendors.

>Dunno. Here is the materials list for the project:
>1 male (with pins) mini din-8 connector
>1 female (no pins) db-9 or db-25 connector
>a hood or casing for the connector
>a length of 8-core shielded audio cable
>a 2cm length of insulated wire
>a soldering iron
>And this is the URL that I found it from:
>I didn't know that I needed a dongle. I guess I thought I'd see what a
>din-8 connector looked like first. If I needed one, where do I find
>Getting connectivity is important otherwise I can't backup or synchronise
>with desktop software.
>HTH and thanks for the reply.

Mark Ross

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