[NTLK] Pretec 32 mb card & 2100 screen

From: Thomas Hofts (thofts_at_mac.com)
Date: Fri Mar 29 2002 - 09:36:11 EST

I just received a 32mb Pretec flash card for my MP 2100. I bought it off an
eBay Dutch auction for $32 from MacSales. They advertised them as used with
the possibility of sticker residue etc., but this card looks to be brand
new, not a fingerprint on it and sealed in a plastic bag. I see today they
have a ton more on eBay for $35 if anyone's interested.

After a month I'm getting better with my 2100. Handwriting recognition has
been a chore (probably because my cursive is so crappy) but I'm getting
better. I was having a problem getting the stylus to "glide" on the screen
and was concerned that I might be placing too much pressure on the screen
leaving marks. Not having any screen protectors I decided to conduct an
"experiment" (something my parents always cringed at).

After cleaning the screen with alcohol, I coated the screen with "Rain-X"
(the silicon based stuff you put on your car windshield to repel rain).
First I tested it in a corner to make sure it wouldn't do any damage. After
seeing none, I lightly sprayed Rain-X on a clean soft cloth and coated the
screen, making sure I didn't get any on the case. After letting it dry and
set-up for 5 min., I lightly buffed off the haze.

I am very pleased with the results. No more pressure marks and more
importantly my stylus very smoothly glides over the screen and feels very

Everyone have a good weekend and cheer on the KU Jayhawks to victory in the
NCAA Final 4!

Tom Hofts

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