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Has anyone been playing with Stacey Tenen's Symphony (RangeLan2) setup

I'm pulling my hair out trying to get this going, I'm even considering
Airport/Wavelan that many of you have working.

My main problem is: Newt connects fine, will NEVER find a DNS server,
whatever I try.

Anyone with experience with this set up, much appreciated.

Thanks way in advance,
Pueblo, CO

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Symphony wireless network is working (with Symphony Ethernet Bridge 4920)!

First read:

If* you plan to use the ethernet bridge setup, scrap the RangeLan2 Card, use the symphony PC Card 4402 in the Newton that you will use to configure the bridge in your Windows PC. RANGELAN2 7410 CARD IS NOT NEEDED!

Also, download Victor Rehorst's "Proxim Extra's" package (Not necc. but helpful): (Thanks Victor)

Also, download the latest version of Windows Composer/Maestro from Proxim: and the latest Ethernet Bridge ROM version:

Contrary to the documentation that you will receive with the Symphony 4402 PC Card, you may use this new version (10/25/01) of Composer/Maestro to do a clean install on your Windows PC.

*This may or may not be true if you plan to use another Symphony Card (ISA/PCI) inside another machine as your "basestation".

4402 PC Cards are going for ~ $15.00 - $40.00 at ebay. 4920 Bridges for ~$30-$75 at ebay.

More about my network: AT&T Broadband cable modem (DHCP Dynamic IP&DNS) Netgear gateway router 8 port switching hub Bridge-Static assignment Newton MP2000 with 2100 factory software-DHCP Be sure to follow Stacey's setup of the Newton ("new" NewtonDevices.pkg + Proxim.pkg + ProximExtras.pkg[Victor] )

I will test Appletalk/EtherTalk connectivity with Mac NCU tomorrow (on the same LAN) let you know then.....

Note: This has nothing to do with Airport/802.11b technology (AFAIK).

Thanks Clewis Pueblo, CO

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