Re: [NTLK] Localization Q's

From: Anton Balaban (
Date: Sun Mar 31 2002 - 13:42:09 EST

Apostolos Koutropoulos <> wrote:

> 1) Has anyone localized their newts ?

I did :)

> 2) If I install both of these packages (KitFR and Russian
> localization), if I freeze them, would my interface return
> back to normal factory english ??

I don't know about KitFr, but Russian localisation goes very deep into
Newton OS guts and I won't recommend freezing and unfreezing it without
necessity. It is very likely that after freezing you'll have to reboot, and
there is a chance, that much worse things may happen to your Newt. Not
recommended. But the FullRus Russification package (which you already
installed) could be switched on and off in Prefs, AFAIR rebooting necessary
between switching.

Anton Balaban
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