[NTLK] Localization Q's

From: Apostolos Koutropoulos (admiralak_at_yahoo.com)
Date: Sat Mar 30 2002 - 16:29:04 EST

Here is the situation,
often times when I am in OS X and I have friends over, (or
my younger sibblings) I change the language localization to
something that only I can understand so that other people
keep their hands off my stuff.

Now my question is this:
For the newton I have downloaded KitFR (by Paul Guillot if
I am not mistaken) and a Russian localization package from
a russian newton site.

1) Has anyone localized their newts ?
2) If I install both of these packages (KitFR and Russian
localization), if I freeze them, would my interface return
back to normal factory english ??

and the last Q for today:
I got a new 32MB card and went through and reinstalled all
my apps. Now I get some weird error whenever I try to do
some things (like adding in a new contact, or adding info
to a contact.) If I try to do the thing I try to do again
I succeed in getting it done, with no error.

I wonder if there is some application that tells me what
the error numbers mean.


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