Re: [NTLK] alphasmart

From: Bruce E. Durocher II (
Date: Sat Jul 05 2003 - 07:51:05 PDT

        I have talked with a couple of folks who have them who are
writers, and they like them as simple, reasonably rugged writing
machines--in fact that's how they're presented in the ads in Writer's
Digest magazine. Mind you, if I was going that route I'd find myself
another Z88, which has the best keyboard I've ever used on any
machine, but for a machine in production the Alphasmart does seem to
be filling it's niche fairly well.

> Hi Mimi,
> I certainly agree with the not "yearning to have it." On the Alphasmart
> website they are running a contest for a free Alphasmart given away every
>month. All you have to is register and submit a story to any of the forum
>areas. But, Not even that enticed me enough to sign up. Alphasmart sounds
>kinda dumb.
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