Re: [NTLK] developing on Newton

From: samuel desseaux (
Date: Mon Jul 07 2003 - 12:44:03 PDT

> > As i said before, you should have a look at the zaurus.
> I'd love to have a Zaurus, but I cannot afford one right now.
> Unfortunately, they have just been discontinued in Europe. :-( Maybe I'll
> buy one from dynamism someday.

**Where do you live? I ask this question because i know a shop in London
where you can find one (they sell only 5500 but it's a very good machine).
But, if you want to buy the last zaurus in USA (for example), the cost will
be very big.

> BTW: Has anyone ever thought about running NewtonOS on a Zaurus or an iPaq?
> They use the same processor as the Newton... Would this be possible?

Yeah! you have the same dream like me!! It would be wonderful and it could be
an exciting chalenge for free software's developers. Oups, you give me good



> Regards,
> Gert

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