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Date: Tue Jul 08 2003 - 11:34:40 PDT

    Hi Andre,

    If you want a free webhosting on my co-located server with all the bells
and whistles possible,
    just drop me a mail off-list and I will get you set up in no time.

    This does apply to anyone who want to offer support for the Newton and
need some webspace.


Francois Baligant -
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> Hi Folks,
> i decided to do the magazine, bellow i'll describe what i want to do.
> decided to call it "The Green Edge" (other sugestions might be=20
> evaluated). I decided to go eletronic by now, when CafePress
> ( goes online there'll be a paperback version.
> Name: The Green Edge.
> Periodicity: Monthly
> Content: Tutorials, Reviews, Articles, Interviews. I want tutorials
> the newbies, software in deep reviews and comparisions (like Pocket=20
> Money or Quicken), articles of personal experience, like how i use my=20
> newton to keep track of my students and the like, and Interviews with=20
> important community people.
> I'll put a PayPal donate button on the homepage, i hope donations
> the cost of the web host for i intent to use Userland Manila=20
> ( for our CMS, it's the best CMS ever,
> are good manila hosting for 10 bucks a month.
> Newton Books will be created, like a collection of tutorials and the=20
> like and distributed on the site. And i want pictures, from
> to digital photos, We like to see the newton!
> I am preparing the first edition and i'll pay for the first month on
> expense. I'll put writer guidelines on the site so that everyone is=20
> invited to contribute, also if donations surpasse the needed value for=20=
> the site maintenance, I plan to buy couple app license and do some=20
> promotion (like solve this puzzle and win a dashboard reg).
> For the webhost I am considering this options:
> * They have a cheap manila=20
> hosting for 6 bucks.
> * Their manila hosting cost 10
> but they apear more solid.
> I currently have a MP2000 with a modem, thats all I have but I am very=20=
> passionate about it (algouth i want a eMate too). If anyone want to=20
> start contributing right away my PayPal account is under=20
> "". I plan to start the production of "The Green Edge"=20
> now... by the way, do someone here got a clever way to take
> from the Newt? i hate to boot under classic.
> Cheers
> Andre Garzia =EF=A3=BF 2003
> imac2 ibook p100 e uma torradeira....=
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