[NTLK] for sale or trade: Ruggedized Serial I/O PC Card

From: Andrew Beals (bandy_at_cinnamon.com)
Date: Fri Jul 25 2003 - 10:55:24 PDT

For Sale or trade, on Socket Communications Ruggedized Serial I/O PCMCIA [PC
Card] card. Works with my newton ["A Communications Card Has Been Inserted"]
2100. New, box opened once to verify contents and lack of DOA. "Ruggedized"
means the dongle is permaenntly attached. The dongle ends in a DB9. Also
compatible with MacOS, W9x, OS/2, WinCE.


New price $169.00 + ship etc. My price $150. Your price $100. Would
consider trade of equal value.

Andy Beals, San Jose, California
Yahoo Mess: unix_c_fanatic
MSN Mess: bandy_at_cinnamon.com

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