[NTLK] ATA Support question.

From: Andre Garzia (soapdog_at_mac.com)
Date: Sun Jul 27 2003 - 10:47:43 PDT

Hi Folks,

i just instaled ATA Support 1rc5 Demo version on my MP2000, i've got a=20=

dane-elec adapter and a SanDisk 8 meg CF card... it passed all the=20
tests, i partitioned it as a 4 mb storage. But i can't mount it... as=20
soon as i do anything a "star" pops up showing "unmount all slot #1" is=20=

this a demo limitation, like you can build it but no use it? or i've=20
got a strange bug?

help plz

Andre Garzia =EF=A3=BF 2003
imac2 ibook p100 e uma torradeira....=

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