Re: [NTLK] how do you carry your newton?

From: Gavin McKenzie (
Date: Wed Jul 30 2003 - 16:22:10 PDT

Back in early 1999 I was on a business trip to Microsoft, and the MS rep
who was shuttling us about the campus was kind enough to escort us into
the employee store where items could be purchased basically at the cost
of the media. So I picked up a couple of copies of Microsoft Arcade and
then wandered over to the novelty counter.

They had only one travel-wallet and it kinda looked like it might fit my
Newt. At this point I had been on the hunt for a good Newton-hospitable
case for a while, and this black zippered heavy-nylon-weave travel-wallet
(with a few pockets inside for credit cards, passport and such) looked
like it might fit. It turned out that there was a loop of the ballistic
nylon anchored inside the spine of the case, intended for a wrist or hand
hold. Once I cut that out, I could stretch the case just enough to
zipper it around the Newton. A very very tight fit. After a month the
case had expanded enough that it was now easy to zip and unzip.

There is piping around three of the edges of the case (not around the
spine) so that the edges extend out about a centimetre from the zippered
surround. I've dropped it several times and each time the case has
landed on one of the three extended edges mercifully transferring the
shock to the case itself aroung the Newt.

Oh, and the case has a rubber label bonded to the bottom right of the
cover, embossed with the Eddie Bauer wordmark/logo.

Anyway, the kicker is that the case has a nice bright white "Microsoft"
silkscreen on the front. Ever since then, people will see me (in a
meeting, or while travelling) with this Microsoft case and ask what
variety of handheld computer is inside. Upon seeing the Newt inside they
have the double-shock of a) seeing a real Newton, and b) seeing it inside
a Microsoft case! Always gets a big laugh, or at least a grin.


On Wed, 30 Jul 2003 09:50:12 +0200, "suppaman" <>
> Hi,
> i find it difficult to carry my newton with me fot its size and I am
> worried
> about scratching it, what do you guys use to carry around your newton?
> Bye
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