Re: [NTLK] how do you carry your newton?

From: David Deranian (
Date: Wed Jul 30 2003 - 18:29:37 PDT

After being a Newton user since the first MacWorld Expo in 1993, I
don't think there is just one perfect solution for taking your Newton
with you everywhere you go. Like others have said, it's based on need,
how many accessories you normally carry around and of course your
budget. For me, the most perfect solutions have been not to expect one
kind of case to be ideal for every situation. So what I do, is use
three different cases depending on the circumstances.

1) A leather Satellite case which was designed specifically for the
Newton. The Newton is held in the case by a leather harness with
velcro. When you take the Newton out, the harness comes with it as sort
of a secondary case. I like it because it makes the Newton easier to
hold and it does provide some protection even when the Newt is out of
it's main case. I won't go into a long description of the case, but
suffice to say it's a great case and was expensive even back in 1997
when I bought it. Tons of room, real nice leather, beautifully made and
comes with shoulder strap and handle so you can carry it like a small
briefcase. This is my main case and use it for business and when I'm
carrying the most stuff around, like batteries, cables, keyboard, cell
phone, whatever I need for a day on the road.

2) On the other extreme, like when I want to carry only the Newton, my
cell phone and a pair of reading glasses, I use the Ripoff holster like
a lot of folks have mentioned they also use. I use the holster when I'm
just out and about casually, running around doing errands like on the
weekends wasting my money at Home Depot.

3) When I have to bring along my PowerBook, for instance, like a
serious day of working onsite at a clients office or going to take work
with me at a trade show, I'll use the smaller Newton Portfolio case
since it's the right size to fit inside my computer bag, and still
holds quite a bit of stuff like cards, and plane tickets, things like
that. That way, I'm able to consolidate my stuff into one bag, rather
than having to carry two bags (one for the Powerbook, one for the
Newton). Everything is in one bag.

So that's what I do to keep my Newton with me at all times. Hope this
provides you with some options to consider.


David Deranian
Digital Arts & Sciences, Inc.
Communication Arts
for the Digital Age
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