[NTLK] ATA & Linear Flash Cards FAQ?

From: Doctor Clu (drclu_at_swbell.net)
Date: Sun Jun 01 2003 - 08:50:25 PDT

>WikiWikiNewt has a good rundown:


>Feel free to add to the page anymore information you think should be there -
>that's the point of a wiki!

    I see mention ABOUT linear cards there, but not specific cards. And I
have yet to see a place where it mentions where you can get a linear flash
card that is over 32 meg in size.

>Try these for starters:
>Linear: (Tima scientifics site): http://www.timasci.com/memory.htm

  Unless I'm reading this wrong the highest card they off... let's check
here... yep, 20 mb in one, and 32 mb in the other.

>and Paul's site for ATA: http://www.kallisys.com/newton/ata/compat/?lg=en

   Yeh, about that... there is mention of the 1 GB microdrive, and it is
listed as working. But at the very end of the entry it says.. " Works!!!
   What is the "But..." specifics would be good.

Quote from the kallisys site...

"IBM Microdrive 1GB with PCMCIA IBM PC-Card-Adapter for IBM microdrives 1
GB 2104704 IBM-DSCM-11000 SC2IC915 1.0RC3 Jens Gleisberg
MP2100 D Works!!! But...."

    So at this point, the 1GB microdrive would be nice, love to hear more
about that. I have yet to find a site that shows all the linear flash cards
that are compatible with the Newton.

    Look forward to hearing from anyone who can answer these new questions,

    Doc Clu

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