[NTLK] A Definative Polling on "The Best PIM" - Continued from May 2003

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Date: Sun Jun 01 2003 - 15:35:38 PDT

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BlankHi ALL,

This is the continuation from May 2003.. Lets get the PIM Rolling !

I know we have gone down this road before and after a thorough search =
for same have determined that a definitive answer on the Best PIM has =
not been done. So, I am rehashing the topic.=20

The contenders are:=20

1. DateMan (Still Supported)=20
2. Action Names (Not Supported)=20
3. MoreInfo (Not Supported)=20
4. ACT! (Not Supported)=20
5. TimeTrax (Not Supported)=20
6. The built-in with no modifications (Not Supported)=20

What I am requesting is for each member to pick his/her favorite and =
explain why it is so. I just got my MP2K back from J&K Sales (Went =
through the upgrade service, see separate discussion on J&K Sales, Inc.) =
and have an MPU 2100. So, since I am reloading with all this extra HEAP =
(I never thought I could see so much HEAP) I would like to load the best =
a the pack. I have all of the above products and therefore will go with =
the prevailing number 1 pick!=20

So please participate, even if it has been done before! THANKS!=20


Joey & Susan Seidell
email: seidell23112_at_hotmail.com

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