Re: [NTLK] vodafone + newt = supergizmo

From: Luiz Petroni (
Date: Tue Jun 03 2003 - 17:30:22 PDT

Hi Roman:

I would like to know if the vodafone card really behaves & works
*exactly* as the original GlobeTrotter with your scripts.

This info very is important for me 'cause I intend to use the vodafone
card loaded with a SIM card from TIM Network in Brazil and if the
Vodafone card is somehow locked to a specific operator than it will
render useless in my country (something like what I believe happens
with the Nokia PhoneCard from Orange Network).

I did not find any Option GlobeTrotter card for sale in eBay (searching
for PCMCIA + GPRS + all eBay sites). Since a month or two some vodafone
branded cards started to pop in my search results and I thing they
could be a interesting choice - the prices in the end of the auctions
are usually very high though!

Any info would be of great help.


> now that vodafone has started to push their red GPRS card (essentially
> an option globetrotter PCMCIA), i just wanted to rimind you all it will
> work perfectly well with the scripts i wrote earlier on.
> ive got both the NIE script and the modem script ready and working. (i
> will post the modem script soon - you can place calls with a nokia
> headset.) unfortunately, i dont have the trotter card anymore, so i
> cant answer your questions, but i want you to know that the newton will
> work allright with the vodafone card, which is kinda kool. (i bet
> vodafone wont support the newton dough:)
> go to - >>
> regards, rp

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