[NTLK] bluetooth x-jack card from 3Com

From: Roman Pixell (roman_at_pixell.net)
Date: Tue Jun 03 2003 - 17:31:47 PDT

dunno if this has been discussed already, but id love to find out if
the newt will work with the #Com BT card. check this:


(i know its in swedish, but i think its quite similar to english)

the page says that the card supports "serial" profile. i wonder what
that means. ill try to find out this coming friday if i can.

ive recently downgraded from the powerbook 12" to a pismo due to
incompatibilities with aiport extreme and my university WLAN, but the
pismo doesnt have BT! of course i got hooked on BT, especially now that
i have a sonyericsson t610 and its a super match for the mac: remote
control, sync, scripts etc from your palm. on the positive side, i tend
to use the newt more often now that i have a bulkier laptop again :)

i did some simple tests with the 12" powerbook, 25m (~30y) distance was
not a problem, so it really works well. if the newton could use BT, id
be more than happy.

/ r

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