[NTLK] newton + vodafone

From: Roman Pixell (roman_at_pixell.net)
Date: Wed Jun 04 2003 - 07:42:31 PDT

some answers to some questions...
1) ive got a new modem script that *will* work with calls application and support the placing of calls directly from the names application (or assist, or eckharts forthcoming speech software.). the volume is now OK with one particular type of headset and the script.

2) you can use any type of internet connectivity software. for example, i have successfylly used newtourage for remote-syncing my newts address and dates databases to OS X.

3) i have not tried to use vodafones card, since it just landed on the shelves over here. it is essentially the same card, but it might use a later firmware for the ROM - i wouldnt know. however, i will test it this weekend. my previous mail was just a reminder to everyone, since i think many paople on this list might have bought the vodafone card already.

4) i could not keep the trotter card, since it was for review only. i consider buying one, but now that ive got a modern GPRS telephone, i also know its possible to use eckharts IrCOMM stack. however, that doesnt make a gizmo. the newt + trotter combo really rocked, although a bit pricey. its all up to you - if you want the super gizmo features, go trotter - if you want to save your money for other things, visit http://40hz.org/Nitro/ .

5) the present NIE script works, i will post the modem script ASAP (means this week end or something).

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