Re: [NTLK] I want to buy a wireless LAN card in NYC

From: Tony Kan (
Date: Thu Jun 05 2003 - 07:55:39 PDT

The difference between the gold and silver cards is the WEP encryption.
Gold and silver: 128-bit and 64-bit respectively. I just bought a silver
one only to find out that my company had just upgraded to a 802.11b router
to use 128-bit encryption. So it will have to work at home now.

Anyway, I am looking at buying a WG602 access point. I remember people
saying that the MR314 worked well with a Newton and a Wavelan PCMCIA card.
Has anyone used a WG602 or the other Netgear products (such as ME102)?

I looked at picking up a 2nd hand Airport base station and found that
someone had written Windows configuration software for it but it all seemed
too hard in the end.


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I would recommend the Orinoco Gold and/or Silver wireless cards. Both
work well for the MP2100.


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