Re: [NTLK] Can I use these cables instead of a USB adapter?

From: Martin Erdner (
Date: Thu Jun 05 2003 - 07:41:38 PDT

I have no problems with the combination of
usb<->serial (pc-COM-Port) and the
newton<->pc-COM-cable (was in the newton-package,
but third party-cables should do the same IMO).

MP130 and TiBook are connecting fine (only tried OSX
with newten and some other OSX-apps). As i remember some
users had/have problems with using the keyspan-driver
under classic (usually OS9 started in OSX). But since you
only need a package-installer, newten should do it and it is
working with USA19W here.

Printing to HPLJ over serial? Never tried that, sorry.


Am Donnerstag, 05.06.03 um 16:25 Uhr schrieb David-Michael Cook:
> The address of the Keyspan adapter is
> The PC Serial to Newton Dongle cable is here, called "PC Serial
> Cable":
> So would these two cables output to a usable USB connection that would
> let me use OS X package installers? This would save me quite a bit
> (the Keyspan USB-serial is $80, a serial cable is $13, and a dongle is
> $35... whereas this entire thing Is around $40!)
> Oh, and does anyone know if I could plug this baby into the back of my
> school's HP laserjet? It does have an old-style PC serial cable in > back

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