Re: [NTLK] I'm angry now [again]

From: Raj Patel (
Date: Fri Jun 06 2003 - 03:21:11 PDT


I share your frustration but there is a grass roots effort to
bring this kind of functionality to the world.

There have been previous threads about most of what you
mention but to summerise a few bits and pieces:

Green - a simple idea/app to see how hard/easy it would be to bring a
Newton interface to the desktop (or other PDA)

Gnuton - hasn't been updated in a *long* time

More tenuous connections to desktop applications that have Newt-like


NoteTaker (I guess something like Dave Winers 'MORE' or 'Frontier' could
be said to have similar outliner/database/search capability too)

Wiki (which if it had calendar / reminder / address book functionality
with a Newton theme would probably give a good desktop approximation of
the Newt)

I'm no programmer but things like Green & Gnuton are very nice ideas that
it would be nice to see persued by some enterprising soul.

There is also the eternal debate of wether to go the whole hog and
recreate the Newton as is with better hardware support (say on the iPaq)
or wether to borrow its ideas and concepts and come up with something
entirely new (or the middle-road).


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