[NTLK] I'm angry now [again]

From: David Getzin (dgetzin_at_mac.com)
Date: Thu Jun 05 2003 - 20:27:31 PDT

  I posted the quoted text below here:


  a fair transcription of Steve and Walt Mossberg at the D: digital
conference is at this URL.

  The quoted text I mentioned is at the end of this brief bit set of by

  I just had to rant. Isn't anyone doing *anything* with the idea of
the Newton? Tablet PCs/Treo's/iPaq don't count. The interface is
terrible, The thing feels so opaque. I got a good hands-on demo from
a friend of mine and a cell phones store.

  The Newton lying in essence unfinished, is like a great Greek
Cathedral and Steve Jobs is letting it to rot and crumble.

  Much like old Russians who believed for a time that the czar really
was acting on their behalf, or would "if he only knew" , I harbored a
secret wish that Apple was actually working on something. You all know
the signs that point to the possibility.

  It's hard for me to make myself believe that Steve is just this stupid.

I want to DO somethig now. Declare ourselves in a coordinated scream
that we are a hungry mass market, design an upstart ourselves, anything.

  Please e-mail me on the list or off if you agree even halfway with me.
  Hell, e-mail me especially if you disagree. The opposite opinion is
of the greatest value.

  Much love,

David Getzin

  Posted on:

missing the boat entirely?

Steve Jobs has vision, but he is not a Guaranteed genius. Steve
personally admitted to "missing the boat" on CD/R-W drives in
computers. Something similar is happening with portable devices,
Except you can't catch this ferry with new drives in the iMacs.

   The fact remains a cell phone and the current PDA's are completely
kludgey tools compared to what could be engineered. ( or in the case
of the Newton, what was engineered and then thrown away. ) yes, it is
old hat to whine about the Newton. However, whenever I show the Newt
to people and explain what it could be with today's technology
everybody I speak to wants one.

   I apologize for being blunt, but not making a tablet/phone
convergence device is a stupid waste of Brilliant human potential.
Apple is in the best position out of any company to take advantage of
this avenue in technology and they are squandering it.

   Apple deserves to have some entrepreneur turn them into the next
Xerox PARC. As much as I love Apple and what they do, I would be among
the first to go against them on this front.

   Agreements? Disagreements, takers, givers?


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