Re: [NTLK] I'm angry now [again]

From: Peter Cameron (
Date: Thu Jun 05 2003 - 21:53:36 PDT

on 6/5/03 11:27 PM, David Getzin at wrote:
> Isn't anyone doing *anything* with the idea of the Newton?
    Only the people in the Newton community. Apple left the PDA market and
won't go back (at least with anything even remotely related to a Newton)
because of the Newton.
    There are reasons including the following:
    1) There is a vast installed base of other devices now, many based on
the Palm OS. Apple applications sync with Palm devices.
    2) Anything Apple brings out would be saddled with the "bad handwriting
recognition" reputation of the Newton. It would not be easy to overcome even
if a device with perfect handwriting recognition was rolled out.
    3) The Newton was and is more computer than the average handheld user
wants or needs. Most just want to be able to sync their email and agenda.
They might buy it for the camera or MP3 player, but after the geewhizwow
wears off those functions don't get used.
    4) Apple can build on what it has already done without major cash
outlay. Setting up a PDA division again would involve hiring.

> Tablet PCs/Treo's/iPaq don't count.
    See 3

> The interface is terrible, The thing feels so opaque.
    Tablet PCs are familiar, they run Windows. Ditto for those that run
PocketPC or WinCE. The Palm interface sucks, but it's easy for the simple
functions most people demand of their handhelds.

> The Newton lying in essence unfinished, is like a great Greek
> Cathedral and Steve Jobs is letting it to rot and crumble.
    And I'm sure, if he could, he'd have them all recalled and buried or
melted down.

> I want to DO somethig now. Declare ourselves in a coordinated scream
> that we are a hungry mass market
    Unfortunately we are a 'hungry mass market' of about 2,000. That's not
large enough for Apple to even think of considering investigating the
possibility of suggesting to marketing that there might be a market.

    The Newton is a great little device. Add what you need, software or
hardware, as it's developed by members of the Newton community. Be happy. I
think holding your breath waiting for Apple to redo the Newton will only
result in intermittent bouts of unconsciousness.


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